How to Mix Music like a DJ

Mixing music is one of the challenging tasks in the word. One might think that it is pretty easy to mix music, honestly it is. You can take help from softwares and easily mix them with your gadgets and softwares. However, being a really good mixer and being able to enamor crowd with mixer songs is music is another thing. It is because it takes skills and years of experience to be a good mixer. The producers are not eager to share their secrets as they also have given a lot of time and energy to be in the place they are in right now. This is why, it can take years for a newcomer to learn how to mix and create the best music. However, thanks to the internet, now you can learn the basics of mixing music easily.

Now, we have improved technology and high tech devices and gadgets that one can use to play and mix different kinds of music. However, in order to do that, you need to know what equipments you should own. And even if you have the right equipments, you will have to have the skills or else mixing a couple of songs will not take you up to the level of the good DJs. In order to be well known as a mixer or a DJ, you will have to have exceptionally good command on mixing tracks of different types. You will have to have the knowledge on properly matching the beats and have to know the art of fading music before you introduce another track to the crowd. Other than that, you will also need to have good idea on the different types of music genre and the kinds of techniques there are to know to mix the right type of music. You will also need to pay attention to the theme and mood of the event. It will also be better for you to get some sort of formal training from the crash courses on DJs and on mixing music that various institutions are offering nowadays.

You need to study and have idea on different types of beats. Therefore, it is necessary for you to listen to songs of different genre familiarize yourself with music. This will help you to distinguish the different beats and you will thus be able to classify and identify beats faster. You will also be able to determine the BPM or the beats per minute of songs and thus you can determine whether the song is a fast or a slow song. It is necessary to know the BPM of songs as songs having similar BPM can be matched and mixed accordingly in a harmonious and smooth way. The audience will not be bothered by the changing of songs or different tracks.

After you have mastered the knowledge of understanding BPM, you will now need to pick up a song of your choice and play it on the CD player, turn table or DJ program and listen to the song keenly. Play with the various features you have and see what sounds better. Learn how to fade the music a bit in order to introduce another track. When you are done with the first track, repeat the entire course using other tracks with identical or similar BPM. Using headphones are a better option as they improve the clarity and amplify the music. Keep on practicing.

Once you are satisfied with what you have learned and what you have done with the tracks, record the mixed tracks and listen to them. Try to figure out the inconsistencies and mismatch in beats. This will help you to get an idea on the areas you should improve on.

5 Tips on How to Start a Band Without the Drama

The majority of budding musicians dream of becoming members of famous bands. The hype, fun and joy that come with being in a popular band cannot be compared to anything else in this world. However, starting a band is not as simple as some people tend to think. Just because you have cash to buy musical instruments does not necessarily mean that you have the knack to form a band. However, with a little bit of assistance, starting a band should not be that difficult.


1. Determine the Needs of Your Band

Prior to even recruiting band members, you need to determine precisely what the band will require. For example, how many guitarists, pianists and drummers will you require? Will you require a backup guitarist or drummer? The biggest mistake that most novices make while starting a band is to recruit friends just because they are talented in a particular music instrument without first of all determining the roles of each band member. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to establish roles before rushing to recruit musicians.

2. Recruit Potential Band Members

Now that you have figured the roles that different band members will be playing, your next task is to find suitable musicians to fill those roles. Thanks to the internet, finding talented musicians willing to join a band is not that difficult. Listed below, are some of the tools you can use when trying to find musicians to fill the roles you have created above:

  • Social network media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Online forums and blogs.
  • Word of mouth reference.

3. Create Ground Rules

The other mistake that most people make when starting a band is creating complex rules regarding sharing of royalties. According to numerous studies, this is the key reason for bands breaking up. If you are keen on developing your band’s talent, there are a couple of nitty-gritties which you need to keep in mind. These rules will help in ensuring that everybody within the band is in the same wave length. Listed below, are some of the most essentials that you need to consider when laying ground rules for your band:

  • Practice time.
  • Practice location.
  • Expenses likely to be incurred by the band.
  • How to pay for the expenses.

Note that, as the band matures, there are numerous things which you will have to establish as a group.

4. Determine the Boss

Your band will need a leader. In most instances, the band leader is the songwriter or the individual forming the band. The amount of power that you would like to wield as a band leader will depend on several things. As a band leader, you need to be good when it comes to promotional issues and management.

5. Start Practicing

Once you have selected a genre, start practicing music. Rehearsals will help in enabling the band find the best tune. Through rehearsals, you will be able to determine which band members are serious and committed to the course.

How to Get a Record Deal and Earn Money From your Music

There are only a handful of people who have never dreamed of becoming a singing star in their childhood. Singing is a passion for some people, it is a skill that gets polished with practice for some and for some singing is a gift. No matter what it means, there are many of us who want to realize our dream. But you are wondering about how you can release your song album? How can you reach the hearts of millions of people out there?

In order to release and record your own album, you need to have money. If you are willing to offer a generous amount of money to any music producer, he or she will gladly record your album and help you to release it. However, it is not a good practice and you should stay away from that kind of dishonest music producers. There are many people who are using people’s innocence and taking away lots of money from them through fraud music label companies. They use the inexperience of people and fraudulent to earn money. They even go as far to get you signed and even make some prints of your album. They even make false promises to help you with promotional activities of your album. This is why, when you get record deal, you should carefully judge whether the music company is a good one or not. Check out the brochure and contract details to avoid getting into trap of this kind of fraudulent practices.

You can make your own album with the help of an arranger. You can find arrangers and choose one to help you with your album. This can be a better option for some. However, if you use an arranger, you will also need to take help from other musicians as well. You will need to spend some money on back vocals, violinist, guitarist, and pianist etc. who will help you with the music. Depending on the quality of music, you cost might vary. You should also consider other costs such as the studio costs and the promotional costs as well. You will come across a lot of arrangers who are there to help you produce studio quality recordings within your budget and at a reasonable price. Then, you can take these to the major recording labels and you can thus get a contract deal with them if they like it.

Make sure to arrange your album in such a way that the first three tracts are your best ones. You need to make sure that you are in touch with music producers. Even if they are not interested to sign up a deal with you, ask for feedback as it will help you a lot. Feedbacks help to improve and you will know what to do next. Nowadays, people are using the internet to promote themselves to get record deals.  The record label and music producers keep a track on what is happening in music through internet. If they find someone who is interesting and have good talent, they will try to contact that individual for a recording deal. So what you can do is, you can make a video o f your song and post it up in video sites. Make sure to create a buzz to get clicks and views.

How to Become a DJ

In order to become a DJ, first, you need to listen to the works of the best DJs and learn from their music. Listening to the mixing of best DJs will help you because you will be able to learn how the music has been blended.  This is why, without listening to the works of other DJs, you should not proceed to mix songs. You will be able to do constructive criticism on how your favorite DJs have carried out the mixing task.

If you are aspiring to become a DJ, then you should enroll yourself in a music school. Nowadays, there are many schools that train interested individuals in these kinds of specialized courses. However, one thing that you should keep in mind that this kind of specialized training schools are for professional life meaning that you cannot enroll in the schools until and unless you have completed your high school graduation. It is because it is from these specialized schools that one can have the required knowledge and skills to pursue their career, becomes someone is fit to get a license to practice what they have learned in real life. You will also be required to practice along with those who are already working on the industry as you will be able to grasp what they are using and how they are implementing their skills. The hand on experience is really important as you will see that people participating in various art competitions are also trained by professionals.

As DJ is now one of the most popular and fastest growing professions, there are many interested individuals who are thinking of giving this path a try as it kind of guarantees you the shortest way to fame if you have that talent. With the arrival of numerous radio channels, the demands for good disc jockeys are increasing and so have been the recognition of this distinctive and exceptional career.

In order to be a disc jockey, you need to listen to good music. You will not have to play songs for the crown but you will also have to tell them about the recent singers, actors, movies and other entertainers as well. You might not come across any specific schools for disc jockeys. However, there are many institutions that offer crash courses on voice modulation and disc jockeying. You will have to have good knowledge of music and good sense of humor. You will also have to be sociable as this will help you get clients. Careful not to be pompous but you should be able to carry the required attitude with you. They have to know what will keep the crowd engrossed. Therefore, those who are interested to be DJs should ha really good knowledge on music and should know about how to keep people involved and entertained.

Many do not know that there are actually many types of DJs and among them; these three are the most common types- Mobile DJ, Club DJ and Battle DJ. The Mobile DJs are what their name says; they carry their equipments with them and do gigs in various places like in weddings, in various events, private parties, universities etc.  Club DJs get the highest pay. They play music in clubs and keep the crowd entertained. They have to have the latest gears and have to have good idea on what the crowd wants and play songs according to that. One has to be really observant and even then it takes some time for one to become a really famous club DJ. The battles DJs are the most skilled ones who know their way through various turntable misers and tricks and know how to do beat juggling.